Prague Does It Better

In this first post of the “Who Does it Better?” series I’m exploring some of the amazing things Prague has to offer.

After years of being the number one city on my bucket list, I finally had the privilege of experiencing the beautiful city that is Prague in the Czech Republic.  If I’m being honest, my first impression was disappointment.  I had been waiting years to see the bright orange rooftops and of course, during my stay, it was snowing for the first time in years.  While many of the other people on my trip were thrilled (most were southwest based and don’t see snow often, if ever), I was frustrated.  Being a northeast gal, I see snow, and a lot of it.  But alas, it was my decision to travel during winter, so I could only be so upset.

After getting over the initial disappointment, I quickly fell in love with Prague and all it had to offer. Here are some of my favorite things from my short stay in the city of one hundred spires.


Prague Does Beer Better

Dollar beers anyone?  Beer in Prague is cheaper than water.  Yes, seriously.  If you’re paying more than $2 equivalent for a beer, you’re getting ripped off.  Step off the main square and head down one of the small streets and you’ll find plenty of local spots advertising cheap beer.  Walk in and simply ask for  “pivo” and you’re all set!


Prague Does History Better

During our guided tour of the city, our tour guide mentioned that many people will make jokes about World War II.  At first I found this to be tacky and disrespectful but by the end of stay, I realized that it is quite the opposite.  They used their jokes to celebrate life, instead of staying in the darkness that can overcome you if you spend enough time thinking about it.  While I personally won’t be making jokes about World War II anytime soon, I can certainly respect a culture that chooses to live in the light and move forward as positively as they can.

During my time in Prague, I was able to tour an old communist bunker.  It was fascinating to step inside a piece of history.  This bunker was never used for its intended purposes, only for meetings. They even allowed us to dress up in what they would have worn, should the bunker ever needed to be used, gas masks and all.  Speaking of communism, it’s definitely worth your time to check out the Museum of Communism.   History is cool!


Prague Does Hot Drinks Better

Like Germany, Prague is a big fan of mulled wine. I fell in love with mulled wine so much during my Eastern Europe trip, I make it at home regularly.  They also have tons of other hot beverage options for when those cold months hit. This beauty right here is a raspberry lemon tea, fresh brewed, with real muddled fruit.  Yes, please!


Prague Does Dessert Better

This right here folks, is called a Trdelník, and it’s pure heaven.  This magical treat is rolled dough that is grilled and topped with sugar.  There are a few different ways to eat it but my personal recommendation is with chocolate on the inside filled with ice cream.  Did I say this is magical yet?  Cause this is magical.




Prague Does Nightlife Better

During my trip to Prague, I had the opportunity to visit the largest nightclub in Europe.  I was not disappointed.  This club boasts seven floors of different offerings.  The bottom floor is an oxygen bar, the top an ice bar.  Each of the five floors in between offers its own dance floor with a unique theme, such as disco or hip hop.  If one floor got boring or too crowded, you could easily move to another.  This was obviously a popular spot for locals and tourists alike.

Prague Does Art Better

One night in Prague, I decided to separate from the group for a bit and do some solo exploration.  I turned my phone off and let my feet decide where to go.  You can read about my full experience, here, here, and here.  My favorite part of the evening was stumbling across a famous Czech artist’s gallery.  He invited me in and allowed me to tour his gallery and admire his work.  Truly, it was incredible.  Even the gallery itself was a work of art.  If you’re ever in Prague, check him out.  Or, you can visit his website here.  It’s absolutely worth a look.



My second favorite art installation in Prague is the John Lennon wall. For years, tourists and locals have come to this spot to pay their respects to the music of the Beatles.  But the meaning goes deeper than that.  John Lennon died in a time when the citizens of Prague did not have access to world news; they were fed whatever news the government wanted to give them.  News of John Lennon’s death seeped through this communist wall and rocked Prague.  Citizens flocked to this spot in secret and created all kinds of visual messages to honor the late singer.  This wall was a symbol of resistance to communism; a symbol of democratic freedom.  Today, a musician stands in front of the wall playing Beatles hits year round.  It’s a wonderful way to spend a few minutes of your time.



Prague Does Castles Better

Prague Castle is undeniably the most popular tourist destination, understandably so.  Prague Castle is the largest ancient castle in the world.  It has been home to kings, emperors, and now serves as the official resident of the President.  The grounds of the castle district are immaculate, containing churches, palaces, towers, and gardens.  Visiting the grounds is free but many of the buildings will cost you a special entry fee.  This fee is 100% worth it.  The architecture alone is incredible.

Also located within the grounds is Golden Lane, a small alley full of tiny buildings.  At 5’9, I could barely fit through the doors. It’s an adorable, fun alley to take a few photos in!

Prague Does Views Better

If you’re like me, you love a sweeping view of the city you’re visiting from up high.  There’s really nothing quite like looking over a city you’ve spent the day exploring.  The Astronomical Clock Tower in the historic Town Square offers a beautiful, 360 degree view of Prague.  My view consisted of snowy rooftops with hints of orange.  It reminded me of the Nightmare Before Christmas song, “What’s This?”

Views from the Clock Tower

Views from the Clock Tower


“What’s this, what’s this? There’s color everywhere.  What’s this, what’s this?  There’s white things in the air.”

Think I missed something that Prague does better?  Let me know!