My Favorite Apps - During Your Trip

In my last post, I introduced you to my favorite pre-trip apps.  Today I'm giving you the rundown on my favorite apps while you're on your trip!

  1. Google Photos - Free
    • I actually use this app on a day to day basis, but especially when traveling. I own a small digital camera that I am constantly using to take photos.  But I also use my phone for photos and videos (when I want to post something on Instagram, I want to post it right away, not wait until I can upload photos onto my computer.  Millennial problems, am I right?).  This app stores all your photos without using up your precious iPhone storage space (“storage almost full” pop up haunt anyone else?).  Snap away!
  2. Uber or Lyft- Free
    • You probably already have one of these downloaded but last thing you want is to arrive at your destination’s airport without an idea of how you’re getting to your hotel. I like to have both downloaded when I travel so I can compare ride costs and book with the app that offers the cheapest price.  Plus, when traveling internationally, it’s typically best to avoid cabs.  It can be hard to tell which cabs are legitimate and which ones will rip you off if you’re not familiar with the area.
  3. What’s App - Free
    • This is a great app for communicating with everyone back home and anyone you meet along your travels. No international texting charges!
  4. Flight Aware- Free
    • Instead of downloading individual flight company’s apps, this app tracks all flights for all companies. Convenient!
  5. Localeur - Free
    • A great app to discover what the local’s favorite spots are. If you’re looking to skip the tourist traps check this app out!
  6. Like a Local - Free
    • I love, love, love this app. It’s similar to Localeur in that locals provide their recommendations but it also includes the tourist spots as well.  When I travel, I want to experience everything, things loved by tourists and locals alike.  I have found tons of cool place through this app: restaurants, former speakeasies , and museums alike.  Like a Local also allows you to download city maps for offline use, which is super helpful if you’re not using data or if you’re in a city that doesn’t have their public transportation information provided on Google, like Vienna.
  7. Duolingo - Free
    • This is a great app for both before and during your trip. Duolingo offers simple and easy language lessons as well as on the spot translation should you be somewhere in need of immediate language help.  It’s always ideal to know a few key phrases and well as make an effort to speak the local language.  Locals always respect the effort.
  8. Flush - $2.99
    • This app let’s you know where the nearest public restroom is.  Trust me, this is an app you need to download.
  9. Citymapper - Free
    • Remember the app Hopstop? When Google purchased the app they ended the beloved public transportation app that helped me navigate NYC on countless occasions.  Well Citymapper is helping fill the void that Hopstop left.  Public transportation help is especially useful in countries with tough language barriers, such as Russia.
  10. Free
    • offers offline maps with navigation and directions. It’s great if you’re hoping to leave your data off for the duration of your travels.
  11. Geosure - Free
    • Traveling alone? Hoping to break away from the group for a bit?  This app is going to give you peace of mind and comfort.  Geosure gives you up to date crime and safety-related statistics and a location specific security score.  It even offers a dedicated women’s safety category.  Geosure gives you street smarts in unfamiliar streets.

Got a favorite app you use while traveling?  Let me know!