One Short Day: New York City

After moving to the greater NYC area almost 5 years ago, you would think I would be well versed in all things New York City.  While it’s true that I am much more comfortable roaming the city now, I still feel like a major tourist every time I step off the train.  It’s a blessing and a curse; I have mastered the subway (still waiting for it to not smell so bad, ugh) and yet I still don’t feel like I ever really fit in.  So going into New York City a few weeks ago was a special day.  It was also a celebration of the 1st anniversary of the 1st date with my significant other!

 A few weeks ago, I asked my significant other if we wanted to see a Broadway show in honor of the anniversary.  He quickly agreed and on the hunt for tickets I went!  Now, I’ve seen a decent amount of Broadway shows at this point but tons of new ones have come out recently that I have been dying to see (looking at you, Hamilton).  Ultimately, I settled on Avenue Q, an older off-Broadway show depicting the struggle of being a young adult.  It’s a puppet show and I was both excited and apprehensive about how this would pan out.  A quick stop for some classic NYC pizza and we headed to the theater!

I’m fairly familiar with the New World Stages Theater.  Once housing Altar Boyz, my favorite off-Broadway show, I had been to this theater about 4 times and was excited to be back.  The theaters are smaller and more intimate, meaning no matter where you’re sitting, you’re going to have a great view of the show.  I couldn’t have been happier with our first row orchestra seats.  Avenue Q was quirky, unique, and highly relatable.  As a young adult myself struggling to figure out how this whole adult world works, songs like “It Sucks to Me” really struck a chord (oh yeah, I made a musical pun).  It also addresses head on things like racism and sexuality without being abrasive or uncomfortable.  All in all, it was an unexpected journey that anyone can relate to.

***I'm super respectful of the no pictures rule ;)

***I'm super respectful of the no pictures rule ;)

After the show we made our way to a spot I had wanted to visit for quite some time: Milk and Cream Cereal Bar.  I had seen their posts popping up on Instagram over the last few months and as an avid ice cream and cereal fan I was thrilled to finally be trying it.  The Milk & Cereal bar blends ice cream and cereal together and tops it with your favorite candies, cookies, and cereal.  Milk & Cereal did not disappoint.  I had the ice cream and Trix blend topped with Teddy Grahams and gummy bears in the Fruity Pebbles cone while my significant other had an Apple Jacks milkshake.  The atmosphere was Instagram ready with a photo wall up so that Instagram foodies could take the best shot.

With about an hour and a half to kill until our train back home, I suggested hopping on the subway and heading over to the Chelsea Market, an indoor market on my New York City to do list.  Taking up a full NYC block, the Chelsea Market is full of unique shopping and dining experiences.  I didn’t have to go far to find where I’d be hanging my hat, so to speak.  We came upon a wine bar called Cork Buzz and I was sold.  Cork Buzz has delicious wine at a reasonable price and a great atmosphere.  I am so glad we stopped here for a nightcap before heading home.

All in all, it was a successful day being a tourist in NYC.  For being so close to the city, I know I don’t take advantage of it enough.  There are so many things I have yet to do in New York.  What are your favorite spots you think I need to try?